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A Brief History

The Only Limit is Creativity

At Alpine Gremlins we are driven by the belief the only limit is creativity. For years we have been developing our own gear, or modifying existing gear, to aid in our adventures. We are constantly looking for new ways to make things lighter and more packable with a focus on simplicity, cohesive functionality, and team success. Founded in 2023, Alpine Gremlins is committed to sharing our creations and continuing to innovate for our own success as well as yours.

What We Stand For

Alpine Gremlins was founded on the belief that “good enough”, “light enough” and “packable enough” are simply not acceptable. As we have chased our own limits, we have pushed equipment to failure, and we have developed gear for ourselves beyond what the industry claimed was possible. Our hand-made equipment and expensive carbon parts are not gimmicks; non-functional pieces of equipment that have a ridiculously low weight tag in a vain attempt to gain industry recognition. The items we design have been adventure developed and tested. From fast and light missions to month long expedition climbs in the Alaska Range they have made the difference between success and failure. A precise understanding of yourself, your systems, and your own climbing style is required to maximize its benefits and the equipment’s lifespan. It is made for those who understand that 15 grams saved is 15 grams of fuel, and the difference that can make. Through our own designs and our partnerships with companies on the cutting edge of material engineering, we continue to push the limits of what is possible for extreme gear. Another fundamental aspect of our design and manufacturing is durable, reusable and easily repairable products to reduce the large amount of plastic waste produced by even a small expedition.

At Alpine Gremlins our core belief is that “the only limit is creativity”. These are the words that ring out in mantra as we examine a new project, whether it is gear design or a nuanced climb. For design solutions, the first place we look is as far outside of the box as we can see. We build equipment so that when you find another level, and are ready to push limits no one else thought possible it will keep up, carrying you as far as you can physically go. So, are you ready to join the revolution? Are you ready to push the bounds of what you thought was possible, and become an Alpine Gremlin?

Inside The Creative System

Our Guarantee 

We design and manufacture only what we consider to be a fully evolved version of itself. The products we design and sell are conceived of both a wild passion for innovation and a diehard commitment to simplicity.

Minimalistic and Functional

The goal behind our products is to make them as minimal as possible, while emphasizing functionality. We want to make each piece of equipment light and simple, so that the impact on your mental and physical energy is as small as possible. 

Proprietary Zipperless Design

One of the key features on our products is the proprietary Zipperless Design. Depending on the application this results in a 30-40% reduction in weight and an increase in packability.