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Ultralight Pack Liner

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Reusable, more durable, and weighing less than the equivalent trash bag, our pack liner gives any backpack the power of Dyneema® without the price tag of a specialized pack.

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What do you do when you can’t justify the price-tag of a full Dyneema® backpack, but you’re also tired of shredding three to five trash-bags per trip trying to keep your stuff dry? Simple, you use a pack liner, which can give any pack the power of Dyneema®. Our pack liners are made with a 0.51oz Dyneema® Composite Fabric, which is combined with our sewn and taped seams, to create a pack liner that is the lightest on the market, very durable, and super easy to use.

3 reviews for Ultralight Pack Liner

  1. Christopher Crowhurst (verified owner)

    The least sexiest yet best item you must have in your backpack. I have tried every UL pack lining solution and this is the only one that has stood up to the job. I can conpress the $hit out of my quilt and clothes using this bag and it never tears! The thing is bomb proof, trail tested, waterproof, idiot proof. I just bought a second one for my wife’s pack and she only gets the very best gear after I have trail tested it. Get one or regret it forever.

  2. Robb

    Best light weight pack liner I have ever used.

  3. Michael Goetinck

    These things are well made, durable, and do what they’re supposed to. On our trip to the UK to walk part of the Coast Path, we each brought a UPL and some Saks. We were limited to one small carry-on, so light weight and compressibility were even more important than usual. The Saks helped with organization and the liner kept our stuff drier than we were through one long wet day, several downpours on the “dry” days, and a leaky water bottle. They’re coming on every trip from now on!

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